1 year

Our little girl turned 1 year yesterday. Big day! We celebrated it the three of us in the morning with balloons, gifts and cake. She did not understand the principe of blowing candle, but eating the cake, she got it! At least, she ate all the raspberries (her favorite fruit)!

Then we visited our friends who also have a little girl, born the same day as Z. It was very cosy to be in the middle of a family party (their relatives live around here), which never will happen for us, with this kind of spontaneity. Our relatives live too far away just to make it over an afternoon.

Speaking of eating, I think our little Z is not completely satisfied with her meals. She likes almost everything (we eat all the same here at home) but eats more of fruits and vegetables than things that make her stomach full. She doesn’t like pasta nor rice so much and I have the feeling that she gets hungry again pretty soon. Do you have tricks or recipes for one year old? I’m right now kind of bored of cooking and she needs more than just fruits. Any tips?


5 thoughts on “1 year

  1. Rotmos och sötpotatismos har alltid funkat här hemma som utfyllnad innan pasta blev favoriten.


    1. tack för tipset! Rotmos har jag inte provat, men sötpotatis går inte riktigt hem. Hon äter det om hon inte blir erbjuden något annat efter lång väntan, men då orkar oftast inte jag vänta så länge. Sen jag skrev har jag googlat lite mer och egentligen äter hon nog lagom portioner för hennes ålder. Bara inte varje gång och då får man fylla på i efterhand.


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