Sunday morning. I just got up, feel absolutely lovely after a very nice and late evening at some friends place, and a sleeping morning. Z was social when we arrived at our friends for dinner, then tired of course but she slept in the baby carrier. I put her down in the stroller when we walked back home and it was kind of a match to make her sleep again then. My only conclusion: we have to go out and party more!

She turned 280 days yesterday and that means as long time being in the creation process than since she was born. It happened so much things, she changes every day and learns so much.

Through her, we have a different life. Of course she rythmes the days (she is very nice at nights) but she opened us a whole new door in our social life. I’m really thankful to have these mums and dads and babies in our life. Z is a happy link between us, two old people used to live an “independent” life, with a lots of new and interesting people in the city where we live. More of it!

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