Saturday on earth, good morgning!

Babys don’t know the difference between week ends and weeks but it doesn’t matter really. Z woke up at 6 as every day and ate and then we ate breakfast and took a walk in Uppsala. This is funny, but we have been living here in 2,5 years and today, we walked in places we never were before. And the sun shined hard, even if the wind was icy.

When we came home, I got a creative feeling and when Z was quiet, we made prints from her hand and foot, and it was not that easy. She doesn’t want to open the hand on commando and when we came to the foot, she was tired of our (mine) creative minds. Then, we got to washe like everything. Ah well, we have 1 print of each part.

My stomach is calling for some food, so I will go to the kitchen and try to put something together. Have a nice saturday!


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