6 och 11

Friday today, a very sunny one! And as usual, it is bubble friday in our family. And today, we will celebrate at least two things: 6 and 11.

6. Because M and I have been married in 6 months today. This is very lovely and I remember this day as one of the best of my life. It is to me an honnor to be M’s wife and I am very proud of the little unit we’ve built.

11. Because Z is 11 weeks today. She changed so much from the day she was born! She is an obvious part of our family. She is very determined and shows her feelings very clearly, both when she is happy (she is laughing now! not only smiling!9 and when she is not. Yesterday, we were at the babyrythmic at the library and she did not want to be there obviously. The first time, she was curious, a bit intimitated, but yesterday, she was almost angry.

The positive thing when you have a baby, is that you are up early and have a long day ahead. For us, the day begins at 6 (and ends at 21), with a hunfry little girl and after she has eaten, it’s playtime for her and breakfast time for me. This morning, she wanted to sleep, but you know, you are really tired, but you don’t want to miss a thing. To solve this, it’s easy to put her in the trolley and go for a walk. Which I did. I observed a lots of funny things. Men in lycra change bicycle with roller-nordicski, which is pretty dangerous (no brake). Kids play “cache cache” by laying on the floor, no moving and hoping no one will see them. Grandparents are driving trolley with so much precautions. Students are bicycling to school without any hurry.

Now, I will try to make a little something for our bubble friday tonight. Let’s see what it will be! Have a good day!


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