Too high level of preparedness 

When M comes back from work on the evening, we never know whether Z will be awake or not. Yesterday,  she was and a way too curious about her father to sleep, even though she would have needed it. Well, M and I eat together,  tell how the day was and try to enjoy this moment of togetherness. After the dinner, I put my pyjamas on and go to bed to have some hours sleep. M takes care of Z and he is unlucky,  because the evenings are not her best time of the day. He puts her to bed and I manage the next wake ups. 

Z sleeps in her bed which is in her bedroom since one week now and it’s going well for her there. We have a baby alarm, spying on her and reporting to me every noice. And this is where the preparedness is too high: last night, I woke up with noices from her, got up, fixes a bottle of milk for her and gently went to her room to take her but noticed she was perfectly asleep. She was just dreaming loud. Or I’m getting too sensitive for the baby alarm… The first time, she woke up for real 20 minutes after, so she got her meal and went back to bed directly. But the second time (now),  I’ve been up for one hour and she still sleeps. It’s irritating when you know you need this hour of sleep for yourself…

The positive in it is that M and I had a moment of togetherness before he walked to the train. Yeah for it!

Another crazy thing: when I woke upa at night, I almost always imagine that I had her on my chest during the night and that she disappeared without me noticing it.. Scary, because we never slept like that together at night.

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