Monday morning!

This seems to be a grey day again today. The sun refuses to show its face again but I don’t mind. The projects I’m “working” with are inside-projects. I can’t talk about them om here yet, but I will, when they are achieved, of course.

The week-end was very calm, and we needed it, both of us. I have a cold that doesn’t want to go away and M is working quite much, afraid of letting something down if the baby would come unexpected before the calculated date. For my part, I feel that the baby can comewhen he/she wants, there is no hurry and no will either to make it last. A lots of people tell me to keep it inside until 2017 arrives. Even if statistically it is prooved that it gives better dispositions for the kids to be born at the beginning if the year than at the end, I find it a little supersticious at this point. Honestly, if someone else would have decided when the year begins in a calender, it would have been very different, but still the same people who were born, so I don’t really care. I just hope M and I will give enough self confidence to our kid in order to go through life without taking this in calculation for its “what do I want to do with my life”-plans.

It is, apparently, common for women who are waiting to give birth, to clean all around and make order in their environmnent. For me, what is about cleaning is pretty weak. I never liked cleaning, I still don’t like and just make what is really important. Sorry, I am not this kind of housewife. What it goes around making order in my environment, I made it digitally this week end. I went through my Gmail-box and cleaned mail received since 2005. Now, I have a cleaned mailbox and the head full of old memories. This was funny to go through the old e-mails and noticed all what happened with different people during all these years. From Lund, to Eskilstuna, to Linköping, to Uppsala, all the different places I’ve been living, all the people I’ve met, all the things I’ve done and so on. It took time but now I can enjoy an empty mail-box (well, I made folders to store things I wanted to keep, but on the welcome page, I now see the wonderful woods of the Vosges, which is much more enjoyable than a list of mails :) )

Ok, time for me to make some administration and to list out what is the difference in my retirement conditions, I have 10 days left to decide, after having received a strange letter in july, which doesn’t explain many things but that if I die, maybe my pension will not go to my husband of maybe it will. Well. You see, I don’t have any boring minute during my maternity leave so far :)


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