Bara vara mig själv

Some days without any post on here, but don’t worry, everything is fine. The baby is still inside and I’m still busy with some old projects I wanted to do, but missed some time to fullfill them.

I listen also much more to music also, and it’s refreshing. Listening to music was, some years ago, one of my favorite activities, but somehow, I lost time / did not give the priority to this anymore and this is kind of boring. I bought CD this year, but so few, in comparison to how many I used to buy earlier.

Right now, I’m listening to Laleh, a swedish artist, that I don’t know very much, but one of her recent song is in my head: “bara vara mig själv”, and I like the text:

När jag tittar in i ljuset ser jag pusslet som vi lagt
och då faller alla bitarna på plats
Och när jag hör dem säga orden som de många gånger sagt
Så många gånger så man nästan tror på allt
Nä, jag tittar inte ner mer
Jag tittar upp mot himlen
Så, finns det nån här, finns du ens
För, idag ska de höra sanningen
Jag ska aldrig ta skit igen
Jag ska bara vara mig själv

De alla gånger man har väntat på att dagen ska ta slut
men alla orden följer ändå med en hem
Tror att man kan vänja sig och kanske kan stå ut
men jag ska aldrig mer titta ner igen

I always had a good self estim but I realize that it’s a gift somehow and that everyone is not like me. This song is than a good way to get some energy to believe in yourself and even to take some dance steps.

Nähä, now it’s time for me to learn how to create font in this new software. I’m not sure that I’ll will create a whole font for my project, but I am curiousabout how it is done and this is much more work than it seems. Maybe I’ll write a post about it later. I’m too curious to play with the tool for now. Have a nice afternoon!

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