Shopping stop

Saturday afternoon on earth and a pretty slow day for us. We slept 12 hours non stoo both of us, so it is nice to to stress anywhere.  We would have gone to the cinema if I’d had a clue where our two free tickets are. I didn’t find them, so we changed our plan and enjoy a calm day at home.

I read a book called “shopstop” which makes me reflect a lot. The author decided not to buy anything more than food, transport and culture under one year. Between her story of how this project is going on, she interviews different kind of people (an economist,  a priest, the finance minister, a mide journalist etc) and they give the professional point of view about the experiment and consumption in general. 

It makes me think a lot, specially now, when we are preparing the arrival of the baby. And also now, when Christmas is coming as well as a lots of birthdays in our families. What to buy to adults who already have everything? M and I don’t wish anything. We already think that we have too much in our apartment and really don’t need more.

I think I will write some posts about my own consumption as future mother (mostly clothes due to the growing belly) and about what we bought, and really needed for the baby after half a year or so.

Things must have a clear purpose in my home. I don’t measure the importance of a relationship with someone with the amount of things I’ve got from this person. To me, “forced” gifts (the ones you neither needed nor asked for) are a chain to a dependency feeling, which makes the relationship rotten.

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