7 on friday morning 

This is Friday. Week 36 for the belly and next last Friday for me to work before the longest break from work I have since I began school when I was 3 years old. 

Today, I’m going to a meeting in Borlänge so I’ll take the train in the morning and come back pretty late for a Friday.  I am giving myself some hours of peace until 8, time at which I usually already worked 1,5 hours. 

This is all dark outside and it will get even worse for the month to come. Somehow it is cosy to prepare myself with few lights inside and enjoy these extra hours in the morning. The baby is awake as well, rolling in my belly.

Oh BTW, for those who care: I was swimming this week and it was WONDERFUL! I did not even feel that I was pregnant when I was in the water and I could swim as I use to do, not even slower or feeling more tired. I felt it in my back and shoulders the days after but it was good muscles pain. I will really go there more often until it’s time to give birth, I felt like a bird. But note to self : don’t try to get out of the water as if the belly was not here. I wanted to go out without using the scale but the result was a big plouf. Too hard to put myself + 8 extra kg out of the water from the side of the pool.

Have a good day! 

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