One more week…

Time flies, it is even hard for me to know which day we are. We were at a wedding in Gothenburg last week end, so it felt like we did not had any rest. But it was very nice and we met a lots of friends and even family. All our best wishes U&H!

This week had been pretty intense at work and the coming weeks do look the same. I never feel alone anymore, with someone kicking when I am getting too stressed or too slow. This is a very uncommun feeling, but somehow, I get use to it. We are getting on the other side of the limit “eclipse of the toes” soon. Luckily, I feel pretty good, even if I was tired this week end. I think that I pay back last week end.

I made some more illustrations today: a hedgehoge, a mouse, a horse and I hade few adjustments to get a donkey and a zebra. I think that I will make posters of them, because I always come to new animals I could illustrate and it would be too many posters if every animal would be alone. Somehow, I will make some family of them. Maybe a little book. Maybe a game of memory. Maybe postcards. You name it: the only limit is my creativity!


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