A magical fish

This is a rainy Sunday and this is very cosy: we can watch the second seadon of the leftovers in peace.

Yesterday, i finished my “fish project”, an idea I got in a store in France but that was way too expensive and too easy to make myself. So at home, I watched what fabric I had and decided to do this now, even if it will take a lots of months before it is used in its normal purpose. My sewing room disappeared with the new inhabitant to come so when I sew nowadays,  it’s all over the place in our living room. Which is nice five minutes,  not more.

To the point: the magic fish! 

I took a wool blanket we had, and designed a fish.

I duplicated the fish in a piece of lin fabric we had.

And i sewed the little parts, like this example: 

Then, I choosed a good form for the fish scales and found different fabric at home, in the colors we want the baby’s room to have and I sewed them, trying to make them interesting for a little human to discover. I placed them on the fish body to see how everything would suit.

Then, i sewed the eye, and then every piece. 

I sewed some anti slide things on the inferior part of the fish, to make it safer on the floor and sewed the two paets of the fish together.  I finished with a zipper at the end of the fish tail.

And i put the blanket in it and voilà!

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