Morning sleep

Sunday morning. M is sleeping on my left and I am awake since a good hour, listening to French radio. This is my week end habits: to listen to the morning programs. I feel somehow connected to the country I come from.

When we came back from Stockhom yesterday, it was snowing. Wonderful to say welcome to the spring. On our way to the food shop, we met a bird that was as astonished as we were. He was singing loud and angry and we talked a little while: me whistling and he birdsinging. It was actually funny.

I had problems to fall asleep. As I wrote yesterday, we have some thinking to do and this is too much for my head, I am drawning in thoughts. I need a break. Already. This is not good for the thinking: it will let me say no to everything.

Well. M is really sleeping deeply. I may use this moment to read a real book, it hasn’t happened for a big while!

Have a nice day!


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