Waouh feeling

Sorry for the bad uppdates the past weeks, it has been a lots of work and a lots of celebrations.

I turned 34. Happy birthday to me. And I am now an engaged woman. Congrats to me too! Even if I asked/joked about it in five years, M asked me THE question last Sunday.  I felt so honored that he really wants to live together with me! This week, we spent some hours to choose rings and we are now waiting for them. Exciting!

I googled a little about wedding but we really have to discuss this point: this is not easy when you want to put together two families and a lots of friends from several countries. We will sort it out somehow. Time for saving some money for now!

 We had some beautiful sprig days (ok a little cold to me but very sunny) and we put the furnitures on the balcony ready to receive us, sipping not coffee in the sun. This gave me ideas of letting some things growing and see by yourself bellow, how quick life is going:


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