Candy for the ears – bis

About a year ago, I wrote a long post about which podcast I regularly listen to. This is a big part of my inspiration sources and I felt that I needed to update the list a little bit now.

From my list last year:


  • Les pieds sur terre (ca 30 min, french, every working day). I still listen to it every damn day. This is one string to how life is going in France, about very actual subjects, just listen to it!
  • Sur les docks (ca 1 hour, french, every working day except friday). Stil going strong. Some themes were not very according to my tastes, but I would say that I listen to 90% of them.
  • Tendens (ca 30 min, swedish, every working day). I am definitively not an everyday listener but I catch the gold parts of it though and listen to the themes that interest me.
  • Documentary on One – RTÉ Documentaries (ca 45 min, english, every two day). Even thought this documentary is very good, I don’t manage to listen to it for two reasons: I run and take the train very less than I used to do (podcast time dissapears) and I am a little too tired on the evenings to listen to something in english. Still very good quality, go for it if you wish!
  • P1 dokumentär (ca 1 hour, swedish, every sunday). I cannot say that I listen that much to it nowadays. I think that the team has some troubles to find interesting subjects that haven’t been talked about. A little boring, but sometimes there is some gold part as well.
  • Varvet international (ca 1h30, english, every two weeks). Christopher Triumf stopped making it (at least he does it much more rarely). I grew tired of his way to put himself in the center of attention when you only want to hear about the guest. Now, the listeners know in and out that Christopher has problem with drugs and so one, this is how they would say in swedish: tjatigt.
  • Värvet (ca 1h-1h30, swedish, every sunday). Exactly the same comment than above.
  • Les femmes, toute une histoire (ca 1 hour, french, every sunday). I grew very tired of the “talk show” impression of this program. I just let it down.
  • Concordance des temps (ca 1 hour, french, every saturday). Same comment than abouve, but this is more the lack of pod cast time that made it a little bit dissapear of my playlist.
  • La marche de l’histoire (ca 30 min, french, every working day). Too serious for my tired brain, but still interesting.
  • La fabrique de l’histoire (ca 50 min, french, every working day). I was already a “picker” last year, I did not become a fan. This dissapeared from my playlist.
  • Historiepodden (ca 1h-1h30, swedish, every sunday). Still very happy and interesting, this is my sunday go-to-bed-story every week.
  • Kropp och själ i P1 (ca 50 min, swedish, every tuesday). I just skipped most of the podcasts this year because they are repeating themself. Plus that I grew tired of people giving lessons to others. The swedish way of “not being better than anyone but not skipping the jealous part” is killing the spirit of this show according to me, and I just can’t stand it. Maybe good for others, but not my cup of tea anymore.
  • Stil i P1 (ca 55 min, swedish, every friday). This is definitively a program that I listen less of because I am not running that much anymore. I like the subjects, a mix of actual things and mode and history but the tittles are not explaining enough  what it will talk about, so this is not the podcast I pick when I just have half an hour ahead of me. I like to listen to the whole program, so when I am short with time, I often choose something more explicit in the tittle.
  • Les nouveaux chemins de la connaissance (ca 55 min, french, every working day). So serious and hard for a tired brain, I skipped it. But nothing is wrong with the program!



And there is some new ones this year!! See by yourself!!

  • Fredagspodden med Hannah och Amanda (ca 45 min, swedish, every friday). Hannah och Amanda are two sisters, living and working in the media area in Stockholm and they are talking about a lot, between earth and sky. A lots of how it is to become succesfull and some clever reflexions about whatever. I began to listen to it recently, but I like it.
  • Entreprenörspodden (ca 50min, swedish, ca every week). I wanted to get inspired by doers, people that really take their ideas to reality but the ton of the podcast is somehow “besserwisser” and I don’t recognise myself in it. I give it some more listening though.
  • La prochaine fois je vous le chanterai (ca 55 min, french, every saturday). A lovely program about music from now and then. Very relaxing and funny at the same time. Not much pretentious, I like to listen to it on sunday mornings before to get up.
  • Hasse och hundraåringarna (ca 1hour, 1,5 hour, swedish, now and then). Hasse is visiting some old people and ask them about their life. This is a gold part of life, experienced and very often humility. Love it!
  • Framgångspodden (ca 1 hour, swedish, every week). Alexander Pärleros is VERY annoying but the guests are interesting, so I try to get inspired by them and skipp my irritation. A good thing with this podacst is that there is a long and a short version of the same interview. Good if you are in a rush!

This was my review for this year, let’s listen to them and make a new review next year!


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