I am in a part of my life/of the year when I am looking for new inspiration. This is probably because the winter in Sweden is pretty boring right now (stil dark evenings and no snow so to speak to make something fun of it). Since we are new in town, I also wanted to see if I could meet new people and combine it with my search of inspiration. I think I managed!

I take part to drawing lessons. The first lesson was lat monday and for the record, I never draw before so to speak. The artist that is guiding us just told us to pick a thing and to draw it. He gave us some tricks before and I was astonished how it worked! So let’s see my “art” from last week.

The modell: an old shoe, very tired to be observed that much. She also had lost her left friend and was a little sad because if that. She was also very afraid of the result after my portrait work.


And here is the portrait I made of the lonely shoe:


I have to say (and this is very un-jantelagen) that I was kind of prouf od the result! It took a lots of time and I noticed that the table was not as it should. Through this mistake I learned that I need to make a skiss and then take a look from far away to see if that’s realistic. You see, I learned something!

Last friday, I was alone at home during some hours of the day and I drawed the view I had from my coach. I am not that happy that with the shoe above, but I think that this modell was much more hard to make (less details to hang myself on).


I like to spend hours drawing. It is a cleansing of the mind, really effective to make me forget all what is going on in other fields of my life. Plus (and that’s what I am searching for), I open my mind, I learn new things and I am forced to be creative. Because for me, to be on earth is not just waiting to grow up and be old. It is about to make something if this great opportunity that life is. If drawing gives me that feeling, then, I reach my goal a little more!

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