A week end with high speed

Again, the past week went by at the speed of an eagle. (?? is a n eagle so fast? Well, I didn’t find any better metaphor, sorry!).

We stick to our friday bubble tradition and it is a wonderful way to begin the week end. We made a lots of things yesterday (saturday) and among others, we went to the Upplandsmuseet. They have different kind of exhibitions and this time, it was about Astrid Lindgren (swedish author, a monument here, but I have to admit that I never read a book of her … yet…), about rings, about broderie, and about refugees. This last exhibition was strong for the mind, composed of both interviews and pictures. If you have your way around Uppsala, make a jump there. This is, according to me, incredibly important that no one forgets that these people that are forced to leave their contries, were people like you and me. This is very clear when you hear them talk about how their lifes was before.

Then, we made some lighter things and came back home, pretty happy to have discovered our new home town a little more. On the evening, I tried to escape a bad love movie on the 7th canal, but did not succeed. You want to know what was the worse part of it? I’ve already seen it…

But today, it is the day of love. M and I will celebrate it with a dinner in a restaurant and maybe some extra hugs, but I think that we are pretty good at showing each others that we love each others. I already wrote that last year, but I think that it is our receipe to make it work. There is already too much sh** in the world to have the need to find even more in our relationship. Don’t missudnerstand me: my relationship with M is my harbor of peace and serenity.

On the “training” level, I have been pretty bad at moving my ass recently. Too much work, no need/envy, bad. But now, when the trousers and pants say “oh no, no more we will explode!!” it is time to make something against it. And I was really happy to have taken me outside for a run today: the weather was fantastic, the snow so white and the flow so slow. Yo! With these rimes, I could easily call Jay-Z and ask him to sponsor my coming album… Or not!

A propos inspiration, I am thinking of writing some posts about it the coming days (should I say weeks in order not to promise to much?! No, I say days!). Keep in touch, you may be inspired as well!

Have a good day of love and make all the day of the year be the days of love!


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