Hard work

on Saturday, M and I were at the cinema and watched la loi du marché,  a French movie about a normal guy in a normal family, having trouble to find a new job. In the film there were a lots of characters who were also having difficulties to make the money be enough for each month. I was chocked by how common this may be in France, how I could recognize the mood and so. I could identify people I know that are leaving in this kind of short term life in France. And then I thought the opposite: it did not look French, this looked unswedish instead. I went along my whole list of people I know in Sweden and I couldn’t find anyone who had the same kind of trouble. So there is different solutions to that:

  1. Sweden is a society where everyone is wealthy, as least not in the need to steal food in order to eat at the end of the month
  2. I don’t know people who have it hard and live in a privileged bubble
  3. People don’t talk or show when it’s hard economically at home.

This is surely a mix of the three things. I felt so thankful not to have to save every coin in order to make it ok until the end of the month. I felt sorry for all the people that are transported between incompetent people in the administrations. 

During the week end, we watch Making a murderer, movie about a guy accused for crimes two times, preventing he was innocent both times. For the second crime, his nefew got involved, a 16 years old boy with understanding problems and it felt so unfair. The story (which is true and not finished yet) doesn’t tell if they’ve committed the crimes or not, but the way of handling it was aweful. Once again, I felt sorry for people who have to go through this, no matter if they are guilty or not. 

Have a nice day though and fight against unfairness!


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