Real estate

Köttinspektionen was open tonight for an exhibition when I came back from work, so I escaped the -17 or so and went to see art. There is a good exhibition about perception on urban transformation at the moment and I encourage everyone that has 30 min to go there and catch some reflexions or at least some pictures.

I had the chance to talk during a few moment with the artist, Agustin Ortiz Herrera, and the discussion we had is very accurate to my own thoughts the pasts 8 months or so. It was all about finding a place to live, the swedish real estate system close to Stockholm, democracy in the taken of decisions that make a change for everybody (like for example how a city should transform).

Both the exhibition and the discussion were an enrichment and filled my head with reflexions. I have the luck to have a place to live, even if it was not very easy to find but a lots of other people don’t have and I wonder how I could contribute to help. And even how I could contribute to developp the city I’m living in in a good way for many many years.

2016_IMG_1422 - Kopia

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