La môme

After a long day at work, M and I needed to relax. No idea to go out with the minus 17 or something of today. We decided to watch a movie instead and it was “La mome”, the biography of Edith Piaf. 

I knew she died at an early age but she really had no happy life. I got a little exasperated by Marion Cotillards act, I really wonder if Piaf was all the time talking like in the film. 

Somehow, after so many years abroad, her songs are France to my ears. They take me back to my grand parents, to the valses we danced, to the accordion that was plaid at home sometimes, to the poetry of the language. I wonder if this homesick feeling will grow stronger with the years…

Anyway. This is not a sad day today, today is the day when my friend C, living in San Francisco, is turning 17. I wish you all the best for today and the years to come! Have fun C!

Picture borrowed here

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