Walk in the cold

yesterday, we woke up early for a Sunday. Our goal was to take the buss to go south and come back by feet home.

We packed warm tea and cookies in a bag, wore some warm clothes and put the hiking shoes on. Before 9, we went through the door and walked to the buss station. The weather was all grey and snowy.

When we arrived at the buss station, we read a paper saying the the buss was not going to the place we wanted to because of a building site. Well. Anti climax.

We got up so early and were so ready to walk that we decided to walk to Gamla Uppsala instead. We walked to the north, among other on Swedens biggest ecoduct and found this mark:

Anticlimax number two.

At this point, we were a bit frozen on the legs so we walked back home. During the way back, we even saw the sun and some funny birds eating some berries.

Then, we bathed a sauna and relaxed. This was good after the cold walk. We really appreciate to have a sauna in our building, this is very nice!

After that, we watched two films: one about North Korea, a documentary on Netflix. The other one was the Danish movie “after the wedding” which was very good and gave me some tears.

Then, it was time for bed. Another day without reading a real book (I read Charlie Hebdo though).

And now, I am smelling the smell of croissant. Time to get up!


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