And we had a good Sunday too! After the croissant breakfast, I tried to read but no, I just couldn’t. My brain is somehow too tired to make this effort even if I want for real to read these books waiting for me.

Then I tempted M with a run outside and he was very brave and said yes. Lucky me that had someone to motivate me, because without him, I would have turned back home after 500 m. It was so windy and kind of cold, plus running in 5-10cm snow is like running in the sand: it’s beautiful when you see it on tv, but when you make it yourself, your calves want to kill you. Let’s see how my walk will look like tomorrow…

Then, we went to the movies and watched the “new” James Bond. Well, it is so new that we were in a room with place for 24 people. But it was worth it. This episode was not borrow though the length of the film (2h30) and I appreciated the fines in the humor, not like gross jokes, only British ones. James was using a little less mysoginy as usual, which was a good point as well. And what for beautiful landscapes all through the movie! Good job Daniel and the rest of the team!

Picture borrowed here: http://moviepilot.com/posts/2825286 

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