I wonder

This is Monday today and M and I have been sitting in the quiet for an hour after our dinner. The days are filled with action for both of us and we are pretty tired on the evenings.

But then, I think of you, my fellow readers. Yes, according to the statistics, you are a couple of faithful people, from Sweden, France, Germany, Canada, USA, Australia. If I can guess who you are from your localization for some of you, it is not the case for most of you. This is exciting: who would have known that I would still be blogging 10 years after the start? 

My thoughts today go to the one who follow me. And the one who read once and disappeared. I am aware that the reading is kind of boring right now, but I only have my phone to blog from -who would have guessed that I would be blogging from a phone 10 years after the start?- and our internet is a shame. In October, after our moving in town, these two things will disappear. So hold on!

At the same time, I will be able to post picture from my real camera and not only the ones from my phone and I will create myself some good conditions to write about less selfish things.

What do you want to read about? Please comment and give me inspiration! I will continue to post about my average life but maybe you would like me to make some research or at least more interesting posts about some specific topics? I’m not a journalist but I’m curious and like to write, so please, go on and comment with your wishes! It may be Christmas before time this year.


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