One week end over

Our first working week with new jobs and everything is over. It was long days at work and long nights though. We leave the house pretty early in the morning and come home at an ok time but both of us are tired. The challenge is to have food to cook a good and quick meal at home. It demands some planning qualification but so long the weather is good, salads with different components work.

I succeeded in planning my training too. I went swimming one morning before to go to work and I will definitively do this at least once a week. We were only two at this moment of the day and it was a very peaceful mood there. The cherry on the cake: I was pretty strong at crawling. Plus that I was ready to handle the day at work after that.

I even went running with a colleague from work and it feels good to put some routine on track. Uppsala has a castle, located on a hill and we ran up the hill. Good for the assmuscles and breath.

This morning, M and I took a morning run together. First time ever it happens! You have no idea how happy I was when he suggested it yesterday! At 10 this morning, we had done our run, eaten breakfast in the sun and cleaned the house.

The rest of the day was spend in the sun or in the bed, taking power nap to come in a good sleep level. We won’t go too late to bed tonight though, I’m already yawning.

Oh, we listened to music as well today! The will to death with John Frusciante and OK Computer with Radiohead. Years that I haven’t been sitting and just listening to music! Today, I solved sudoku as well. Years since the last time as well.

New week ahead, new challenges. We close this week end by watching a documentary about the D-Day in Normandy and all the things that are left in the water all around.

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