Could I predict that?

first day of vacation. I woke up by myself at 7, staid in bed for a little while and when my stomach shouted too much, I went up to eat breakfast. It was a lovely sunny morning here in Sweden.

I ate my breakfast in the sun, on the steps of the house and since the birds already were afraid for me, I listened to a documentary: a French woman in France (Normandy to be exact), who was 22 when the war began in 1939. Her husband left her and their three kids against his will to be a worked forced to work in a farm in Germany (if I remember my history lessons well, it was part of the measures to leave the people in the free France in peace: to contribute with workers for Germany). She worked hard as well to feed the family and met a German soldier. They had a romance and a baby girl was born from it. The girl never saw her dad because he was sent to the Russian front and suicided when he knew it was over. The husband of the woman came back home after four years and accepted the girl and the situation. They lived together until death separated them some years ago from now. The lady explained also that both her and one of her girls, who was seven years old at the moment of the facts were raped by American soldiers during the liberation. She did not think it was very liberating to see the American soldiers and was afraid every day of her life for her children and her. And now, so late in life, she wanted to tell everyone that the truth is not always what it seems to be. To be, it is very important to listen to this kind of stories and try to have different versions of what happened. It could happen very quick -and it is so in so many places today- that we would have to use our heart and humanity in it to act with high head and proudly, free from prejudices. This was my breakfast.

After the breakfast, I cleaned the house, made the bed all nice for tonight and dressed for sport. I needed to pick up a packet not far from a outdoor training area, so I thought I would kill two flies with the same stone. Which I did. But oh dear! This was a lots of ups and downs in this forest! I was about to die and got almost lost in this tiny woods. 4 km at snail velocity. Then, I used every machine for strength and noticed that I really need to work on my arms and shoulders. I was totally unable to make a chins. Make a new goal? Tomorrow, I’ve got a training date, so I’m looking forward to it and hope I won’t have pain in my muscles from today.

This was my view from the breast press machine this morning. The clouds became so much more now, it will rain from a minute to another. Conclusion: I’m happy to have gotten up early, I was able to live some hours in summer!


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