3 weeks

The dinner is served for me and myself tonight. A Friday evening without company and the sun shining. I ignored it and staid inside, on my comfortable couch and had “dinner”.

And today I celebrated the beginning of my vacations (two weeks, nothing for swedes but a lot for workers in other countries) and also that I only have two nights without M. On Sunday we will be reunited and I just cannot wait. We spent three whole weeks away from each other. Three weeks without the one you love is long, it can happen a lot. What happened to me is this: 

  • I did quit a job and go to a wonderful bar party with your now old colleagues and cry in secret because you will miss them. I wouldn’t guess that I would feel sad, but I did. A lot actually. This was a mix of living the city, living the people, living our apartment. I cried rivers, like a child.
  • I did move our whole household (with the physical help of moving men but they couldn’t do nothing to the mental part) 300 km north. This was a stressoh part in itself. A lots to coordinate and to fix, and even if I had help, it was still a lots of s**** to fix. Never this kind of moving ever!
  • I did cut grass with hand and desesperation. I haven’t done that since 1999 and my body still remembered how it worked, but oh, I grew old in between!
  • I did live with strong sun (ok just two days) and much more sky falls than i wanted to. What else?
  • I did start a new job in a new place with new colleagues. Exciting, even if I know with which sauce I will be eaten. French expression.
  • I (we) didbuy a cupboard from Norrgavel and a whole apartment around it. So exciting! We will move again in two months but in our new apartment, last moving for a while as well!
  • I did learn to make fire in a fire place and use this knowledge everyday. Boring in July!
  • I was at a party with the French ambassador in his home. I wrote about this day before, check it out!
  • I lived without Internet. Death. 
  • I did read five books. And surprisingly all the five were interesting! I don’t know if I was lucky in my choices or if I grew less picky the more bored I was…
  • I did sleep 10 hours per night. And still felt like I slept 2 hours when I woke up. Every morning was a fight to get up. I may have be beaten by the tse tse fly!
  • I was bored. Period.
  • I did cut the grass again. Boring. And it’s time to make it again.
  • I did repair the grass cutter. Well, the landlord did. But it was not my fault and I bought all the new pieces!
  • I did run (a little). Shame on me!
  • I did cook meal from the very ground. It has been a long time ago since I cooked for scratch. I was too lazy to buy some food, so I had to be creative with things I had at home. It worked perfectly!
  • I did drive half Sweden for one day with your love. It took me so much time to drive to Småland and back! Sweden is really a big country. Or I was too impatient?
  • and so on!

These weeks were crazy and so life must be! I do not wonder why I am so tired actually. Neither do I wonder why I miss M so much. It takes a lots of energy to go through this only with mental support. I also know that M worked a lot and had no choice but to be there, so I’m not blaming him, just missing him!

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