And what about the moving part in all this?

I admit. I have been lazy. Actually both lazy and uninspired. I’ve been running 10 km during the whole month of July, which is nothing in comparison with how much I was running before the Linköpings half marathon. Ah well.

Where we live now, this is on the country side, but there is no good paths close to our house, and to take the car to drive somewhere where I can run with pleasure is a bit too much. I thought last week I would take a little break during my working day and take a run in Uppsala but it was raining all the time. Yesterday, I ran 5 km in Ljungby but I thought I would die. I promised a friend to run with her next Sunday and it will prolly be 10 km, so I should better make something this week in order not to die next Sunday. 

I’ve been working with my body though, in the garden and I’ve been sweating quite a lot but he condition is not worked out. 

Ah, who cares actually… Maybe I needed a break after all!


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