Week end almost over

i have been busy this week end. Busy with hanging around with M that was visiting our home for two short days. I took the train to Stockholm to gain an hour with him. When I was waiting the train for Stockholm in Knivsta, it was raining so much! Like it did the whole week actually and I just hoped that it would be better during the week end.

M arrived, we drove back home and we took the bottle of champagne out of the fridge. Well, wait, it was not champagne, it was crémant d’Alsace. Good anyway. M put a fire on and we felt like it was November. Cosy though to be with him!

On Saturday, the sun was shyly shining so we cut the grass and sweated liters. It is really a lots of work in this garden. We awarded ourselves with a beer and a barbecue on the evening.

Today, we went to Uppsala and walked in the city. This was a good day, even if M took the train back this afternoon. When I came back home, I decided myself for going out for a run. This is my first run here and to make this step was actually kind of a mental frontier. It was almost 5k on a boring way: I have to run back and fourth on the same road, this is much more boring than running in our hoods in Linköping. Week, my heart will thank me later I guess.


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