New skill

I did it! My first controlled fire! Ok, I had the assistance of M on the phone and it took a long time but the heat is on.

The sad thing is that we are in the beginning of juli but ok. I even controlled that the wash machine is working so it was a productive evening for me on the country side. Too bad I haven’t found the radio and the CD player yet, but now let’s plan the meal for the week end.

M is coming up tomorrow evening and I can’t wait anymore. I will meet him at the station in Stockholm and take the last train with him. 

Tomorrow is the last day of my first week of work in Uppsala. It rained a lot and the evenings were lonely but busy with work outside. I notice that I have been in bed much earlier than I use to and this was good. I dream every night crazy things and read almost one book, which did not happen since last summer. So it was a lots of positive things but even dark thoughts around here but I won’t list them here, this blog has to be a piece of heaven, right?


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