this is happening really much right now and I am getting nervous for the half marathon that is coming next week end. I travel a lot for the work and haven’t the time to train as much as I want. Plus that I am very tired.

Yesterday, M came back from Ljungby and I decided to replace a running time with a walk time. The picture bellow was taken on my way downtown. It was all peaceful to walk there. Wonderful!

Mine thing I like with our moving: this life with M away from home two nights every week is almost over! When we have moved, we will sleep in the same bed every night! I cannot wait! The reason is actually that our life will be more continuous somehow and not with this pause in the middle of the week when M travels south. Ok, we will Jörg have to take the train a certain amount of hours every day but we can have a normal family life. This is great!

I am sitting at my hair dresser and this is a sad thing: I need to find another one and this will be hard to top my current one: she is wonderful! 


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