Solution against stress

oh life is going so fast right now. I left home around 5.30 on Tuesday morning and went to Stockholm for work. On the evening, I was in Gothenburg to prepare the day after, and all that with a mix of sun and rain as companion. 

Yesterday was an intense meeting and travel day. I have pretty much a lot to do with my work but I cannot make it in the train: I am feeling sick after 5min reading so I just have to wait and look through the windows during these hours of travel. This is a bit stressing when you know that your week only has a certain amount of hours.

Yesterday evening, M and I went to the vaccination center to protect us against TBE. It seems that we will live on the country side from this summer and we don’t want to be sick. This is one exciting part of our moving: to live in a house on the country side!

Today, I should have been in Stockholm again but I choose to stay in Linköping in order to get some work done effectively.

I have some troubles to sleep in the mornings nowadays. I don’t know if it’s because I wonder how I will make all that is around to fix or if it’s because the sun is up really early right now in Sweden and it’s getting worse!! So this morning, I made something I found courageous: i went out for a run! This was only joy, happiness and calm outside. It made me really good. 


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