Week 18, 19 & 20

The time just dissapeared these past weeks, so I have been pretty bad at telling you how my training program went. Sorry. At the same time, you will see, this was weeks with ups and downs.

Week 18

  • monday: riding. I had the privilege to jump with Chivas, a new horse for me and it was all like I wanted it: quiet and safe. It was all nice!
  • Tuesday: running 8 times 3,3 min with 90 sec rest in between. It was a little bit kind of panic here at home, between the pictures for the selling of our flat and a lots of logistic things before the vacation, so no training.
  • friday: 500 set strength from Lofsan. Well, it was hard to motivate myself to make anything after two long days in the car through Germany. I wanted to enjoy the company of my sister and her boyfriend instead, much better!
  • saturday: 70 min running, hopefully with my sister. We woke up early to eat our breakfast and it was raining cats and dogs. We waited a little bit, but the rain never stopped, so after too many hesitations, we just got dressed for success and went out for a run in her hoods. It was 19 km in terrible rain together, not very quick (2h08), but we were talking all the time and it was much more sympathetic to make a long pass together with her than alone. So check!

Week 19

  • Tuesday: running 10 times 70 sec with 20 sec rest in between, two sets with 2:30 min rest between the sets. Well. maybe because of the long pass from friday, or maybe because of a big party on saturday, this Tuesday was a cold one, with a running nose and a big headache. So was the week after as well. So nothing.
  • thursday: 500 set strength from Lofsan. Nothing because if my cold.
  • sunday: running 90 min. We had to go to Uppsala the whole day, and I still had my cold around, so nothing. Honestly, I began to be a little afraid for the half marathon. The weeks are being less, this is coming soon!

Week 20

  • monday: riding. No riding because of other things for our moving, unfortunately.
  • tuesday: running 8 times 3 min with 1 min rest in between. This day, I had to celebrate a good friend turning 33, so I gave the priority to this. And I was totally tired, because of the previous week and the activities caused by our moving.
  • thursday: 10 min at 5:50 min/km, 10 min at 5:40 min/km, 10 min at 5:30 min/km, 10 min at 5:20 min/km. Somehow, the visit of our neighbours the day before “made me” week. Or I provocated it by myself? Anyway, a nice evening and a hang over later, I just ran 4km in the woods. It was also my first pass since almost 2 weeks, so it was a good way to begin again.
  • saturday: 50 min at 7 min/km 20 min at 5:40 min/km and 50 min at 7 min/km. Well. I wished. Instead it was 10 km in 1h02. I think that my clock has a problem, because when I came back home and watched the time for each kilometer, it did not show any under 6,15 min/km but an average from 6,08. Well. The run was boring and pretty hard for my legs. I felt my hips hurting a little bit and that was the reason why I did not make the run longer. I will make it long next week end and then, prepare myself in the last weeks.

Few weeks left until the half marathon of Linköping arrives… Let’s see how I manage my last training!

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