So far so good

We are still in SF and enjoy the city with our friends living here. We live 300 m from this intersection and this is very close from the photoshop from Harvey Milk, which is now a place for human rights.

We see a lots of things all the time and the pictures are in my other camera, so you’ll have to wait for me to be at home in Sweden before to see more.

The weather is surprising: it’s very sunny but we still have coats and don’t leave them at home. The wind is cold and somehow, as quick as you are in the shadow, you freeze. 

Today, we will try to see whales and if we don’t succeed, we will trust ourselves with oysters. Well we will do that anyway.

Time to get up and have a shower (it’s 7 in the morning here), have a nice week end, or what’s left of it in Europe!


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