Quand San Francisco se lève

First morning in SF after a really long trip yesterday over the north part of the Atlantic, the Groenland, Canada and north west of USA. We woke up at 4 in the morning, had just enough time to change plane in Amsterdam and were well treated in the long flight over there. San Francisco is far away!

When we arrived in the American ground, we had to queue like a loooong time before to pass the custom. This is a special feeling when you don’t know if you pass or not. Well, we are just tourists here for a short period of time, but it felt that we were not in Europe.

Then we met with our friends and tried to fight the jet lag. We finally went to bed at 20 local time (which is about 5 in the morning for Sweden) meaning that we have be awaken more than a day. I cannot say that the sleep in the plane was worth something.

Now, of course, this is morning here and I woke up because my body thinks that it’s late in Europe, which is true but though! Soon time for breakfast and a brand new day exploring things. So far, you get out morning view, from the house neighbourgh with la Maison bleue from Leforestier in Castro:



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