Week 10

Hard way back to running, I tell you! But some training it was on this week number 10 on my way toward the half marathon of Linköping.

  • day 1. What is better than to begin with rest?
  • day 2. very sunny day, so I took myself for a 4 km run after work. I was pretty quick to be me with 5,43 min/km in average. The pulse was high though.
  • day 3. Rest
  • day 4. Tentative to make a long run, but I felt the bad night and my tiredness winning on me, so it was 6 km in the sun. I felt really heavy and my pulse was high during the whole run. It is really difficult to come back. I fell like all the kilometers I ran before I was sick was for nothing… really…
  • day 5. Rest.
  • day 6. 16km almost. I decided, before to leave for the run, that I needed to make it last long with a low pulse, no matter how slow I had to run. At the end of the almost 16 km (15,71 km in fact), I can say that the pulse was high and the speed was low. My body seemed to have mixed these two things: I would rather have had a low pulse and a high speed. Anyway. It was good to run in the wood, even if I got some feet baths, totally unplanned and I almost broke my neck on a ice part. I survided, thank whoever wants to take credit of that.
  • day 7. An hour on a horse back. Nice but this very horse maybe wanted to be in peace.

And so a proof that I was out this week, felt like automn:


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