Rich day!

since I wrote this morning, I learned two things:

  • My name is not the one I thought
  • My mother is not born where I thought she was

Deal with it, my old me! I discovered the first point at the French embassy this morning when I wanted to renew my passport. This was kind of a chock and the woman from the administration seemed almost happy to see me disappointed. It was at least an ice breaker, she was not very communicate until she discovered this detail. I almost wanted to cry when I understood that I’ve been spelling my own name wrong during 33 years!

I wanted to be sure of that, so on the advices of the woman from the embassy, I took contact with the administration in the city I was born. And boom! I discovered the point number two! This one is for sure a maistake from the administration at the time my father declared me after my birth, 33 years ago.

I am born in Chambray-les-Tours, in a region of very good wines. I am now guessing that it may be a reason why there are so much administrative troubles around my birth. 

Let’s see what I will be able to do about it…

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