Are you afraid of ghosts?

I took this picture the other day during my photo walk and met this strange thing/character. Are you afraid of ghosts? When I was little, sleeping over at my grand mother place, I was so afraid to go to bed! There were no radiator in the room, the heating was coming from a chemine and the fire was making strange shadows on the walls. There were three beds in this room: a big one for 2 adults, a bed for a single adult and a bed for a kid. This was a way to keep each other warm I guess and when the adults decided it was time for the kids to go to bed, we just had to brush our teeth and go to bed. The fire was already burning, the room was warm, but I always feared what was coming.

The worse place to sleep in was this single bed. It was a bed a little higher than the other and when some of my cousin were at my grand mothers place at the same time, we had to dispatch ourselves: who would have to sleep in the safe bed for children? From the safe bed, you could see all what happened under the singel bed: there were strange and moving shadows under the bed, leaking the presence of ghosts. To sleep in this single bed was synonym with danger: you had to survive the night above the ghosts!

I tried many times to explain that to the adults around, but no one understood. When the adults were in the room, the ghosts were hidden. When the parents went to bed, the ghosts dissapeared as well. The most dangerous moment for us kids, was when the adult just switched off the light and left the room. At this precise moment the ghosts began to dance under the single bed. from all my observations, they always staid under this precise bed, but since the research about ghosts is not very trusted, or known, I never took anything for granteed: it was totally impossible to put a single toe outside from the bed for any reason, without an adult in the room.

The adults may have been really happy about we, kids, sleeping like angels. The truth is that we were scared.

When I grew up, I made my own exploration at day light of course. My grand mother had a sticking machine under the single bed and I came to the conclusion that the shadows of the strange cables and stuffs from this machine were the ghosts that scared me so many nights in my childhood. By the way, the fire place in the room was very cosy!


2015_IMG_9235 - Kopia

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