One of M and I most used product is butter. We eat of it every day, and pretty much (maybe half a kilogram every two weeks or something?). I think it is important for us to eat good things and you never know what is hiding in industrial products with E things and so.

I tried once to make butter from scratch, it did work well, but it was not an economical success: a way too expansive in comparison to normal ecological butter.

There is one problem with ecological butter. Well two actually. The first one is that you can’t easily find ecological butter with salt in it in Sweden. I understood that it was because of the way to extract salt that made this ingredient non ecological. The problem number two is that “real” butter is a way too hard in the morning after a night in the fridge to put on bred for breakfast.

One solution is to take ecological butter, to put it in a room in order to make it soften and then, to blend it with both ecological salt and some ecological oil. I choose this time sunflower oil. You solved your two problems and have nice and soft butter to put on your bred the day after.


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