Zero posts left!

I did it: I cleaned the blog from all strange formatings and now, it is ready to be maybe exported into a papper version, like 10 years anniversary.

So far, we had a cool saturday. First of all, we slept until laaaate, very laaaate because we had like tons of sleep to take back. Then, after breakfast, we watched an episod of House of Cards (season 3 out since yesterday on Netflix) and I am astonished by their story: the serie is still keeping the suspens up and it is well done!

After that, I went for a run, but the story telling of that will come on tuesday. We had lunch, we watched some othr episodes and then, I went to bed for a nap. I haven’t done that in ages it seemed, but I was really tired.

Time for some cosy moment for M and I, this is saturday after all, have a good one!

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