Give your heart a home

Kärleksholmen. What a cute namen (in swedish) to talk about a home. Our flat is my kärleksholm. When I had a long day at work, or when I was out running under the rain, I am always happy to go through the front door and get back home. I could spend all my vacations at home as well and the more the time goes, the less I want to leave or travel.

Why is that so? I believe this is because I feel safe here. First of all. I also feel understood. M listens to me in all conditions and takes care of me when I am sad. He makes me smile and that means a lot.

Another reason why I feel good in my home is because we choose every single furniture together. We sold the one we did not like, we have peacefull colors and we don’t have any Tv. This is an important point for the rest of our souls, in this agitated environment. We talked to each others and spend evenings in calm, or listening to music we made an active choice to listen to. This may be the key: I feel safe at home because I choose to live my life here exactly the way I and M want to. There is no rush at home. If someone is tired and wants to sleep, even if it’s the middle of the day, we just do it. Why should we live up to other expectations of “enjoying our lifes” like running after everything around?! No. We live how we want to, in our kärleksholm.

2015_IMG_9306 - Kopia

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