When life is not exactly what you planned it to be

Today, it is friday. It is not only the day before a week end, it is even the day before one week of vacations in France. Oh nice you may think, but I’d rather be working. My mother is having some health issues that put her at the hospital so this is not a uppcheering week that is coming.

Anyway, the situation is as it is and I’d better do the best out of it. I will pack my running shoes and try to enjoy the landscapes there. I will also take my camera and try to shoot a little. And I will take my book for the lecture I am following and trying to read 2 of them. Big ambitions for someone who doesn’t know at all how the week will go.

I am not really sure to be ableto post things on here either, it’s depending of my internet connexion but if it doesn’t work, I’ll keep you updated.

So far, so good, enjoy this rose and have a great evening!2014_IMG_8245 - Kopia

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