When the everyday life takes over…

I took some good resolutions some weeks ago, about posting more often and more interesting things on here, just to celebrate my 10 years of blogging and it will need a lots of discipline! My everyday life takes over. For exampel, this week, I was 4 days of 5 on the road and these days were long, with a train in the morning at 6 and I often did not arrive at home before 19 in the evening. My job is very interesting, but when I come back home from these kind of long days… You get it…

I took the opportunity to change some air filters we had at home. I am not really sure when they were replaced the last time but see how it looked like:

bild (8)

On the left, you see a new filter and on the right, the one I just replaced. What astonishes me is that we are living on the border to a natural parc, which, in my ears, sounds like clean air and so on. It doesn’t seem to be really true…

Some months ago, we bought a hoover robot. Mostly because we are lazy. This robot walks around in our flat three times a week and takes up much more s**** than we were and this is very distinct that we have a lots of dust in our flat. Every time we empty the dustbin, I am very surprised about all the dust that the robot succeed to eat. When I know see these air filters, I am wondering in which environment we are living actually. And as I wrote, we are not in the middle of the city, with cars everywhere or so.

Ah well, this was the reflexion of the day. I will now go and meet a friend for a walk and a little catch up. I just hope that the ice that covered the paths the previous day dissapeared, I don’t want to break a leg today.

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