My training during 2014

I registrer since a couple of years all my training in the website funbeat and this is a pretty convenient form of memory.

The statistics for this year are like that:

  • Total time training: 4 days 21 hours, 41 min and 2 seconds
  • Total training pass: 166
  • Total days with training: 144

What is for the running part specially, I’ve been running 533,55km, with is about 10 km per week. This is about 70 km less than during 2013. I am still happy with that, I had no special challenge this year with the running and I needed it. I discovered our new hoods during the spring and the summer and they are really running-friendly. I bought for that trail shoes and their quality will be the topic of a coming post.

What was new in 2014 is that I was to some yoga classes and practised at home as well. For 2015, I want to use the cleaned time from FB and cnady crush to practise it a little more at home.

In 2014, I also have been riding horse once a week from august and it was very good, for my body and my soul. I cannot wait to go to the first class of 2015 in 2 weeks! This hour on a horse back is really better than any other therapy in this world for me!

My job is very generous and gives us some money to register to gym and so. In februari, I bought a card for 2400 kr (all around year training) at the closest gym from home. I used it the first time in … july… Oh yeah, big time! At the day I write this post (3rd of january), I’ve been sweating at this gym 12 times so far and much more during the winter time. This is 200 kr per time at the gym, which is very expansive. I should collect my sweat in bottle and sell it as a rarity, maybe I would feel better. Goal for next year: to use this card a little better!

When I am talking about goals, I have to name this coming challenge. In june, I will run a half marathon here in Linköping with my sister and my cousine. It’s not really a new challenge to me, I’ve been doing it offically three times (Broloppet, Paris and Stockholm) and once just for fun by myself. This time, my challenge is to finish it with a better time than the last time in Stockholm. I had 1h57 in Paris, which was pretty quick but I got 2h12 in Stockholm, due to some stomach problems. Anyways, for the coming one, I would dream of a time under 2 hours. It has been a long time I was running that log and that fast, so I will have to fight a little, but why not?

My plan is to … stick to a plan… Strange, huh? I grow with the time tired of training programs, mostly because it’s so much more fun to run and look around than to run and sweat. My sister showed me the Nike Coach app and I will try to make the half marathon program (12 weeks) twice: one for the beginners and one for the intermediate. I will explain you each program and my results on here every week (I think tuesday will be a good time for it), and I really hope that 1) I will give me time to fullfill them and 2) that it will pay in june! Let’s see!


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