What is a catastrophe?

It has been 10 years since the Tsunami took away so much life in Asia. Among a lots of people, many Swedes dissapeared. Sometimes the whole familly, sometimes kids, a partner, a mother, a friends or someone else. 230 000 people died, without having any chance to make something about it. People were paradise – I guess- before to land in hell.

There is a lots of documentaries on TV about it in Sweden right now and I am learning about this catastrophe afterwards. This is unbelieveble what people had to go through. To loose someone close, to loose everything and forced to live again after that.

In one special documentary, the journalist was focusing on which help the swedish survivors got when they got back home. They talked about a neighbourgh, the parents of one kids friend, a colleague. People that had no special relationship with the people before the catastrophe, but who were there after it happened. One woman told that she knew she had to take care of her new life now was when she heard her neighbourgh saying her:

I know you can make it.

This sentence gave her strength. I wonder how I would react if I knew someone going through something like that, if I would be a good person like this neighbourgh. I wonder also how I would react if I had to go through something like that myself. I wish not to have to ever again (I made it once 17 years ago). So far I only have small troubles in my life, no catastrophes. But I still can’t help to be really upset about my little things. We just had 2 weeks and 1/2 of vacations, I feel pretty relaxed and tomorrow it is time for work again. Even if I like my job, it will for sure be much more stress than these past weeks of doing-nothing. Stress that is, in the big picture, just the privilege of few choosen. I really have to think of what my life could have been, if I’d have had bad luck. Live with the words of one parent, who lost his wife and kid in the tsunami:

Choose happiness, love and solidarity


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