Inspiration or unmotivation?

I am sitting in my couche, actually trying to motivate myself to go and fix the 2 cubic meters of laundry but I am kind of super over tired. I was in Stockholm yesterday and as you may know, this kind of days begins at 4h30 in the morning. the good thing was that I wasn’t able to fall asleep the night before, so maybe with 3 hours sleep in my body, I took the train to the swedish capital.

Then, as you may know as well, mondays are riding days. Luckily, I ride one hour earlier than previously, which is good, but I came in bed way to late yesterday as well.

The rest of the week is scheduled almost in every minute and since I felt pretty slow and heavy on the running from sunday, I decided to put some training hours in this week. The only time for me was this morning before work… At 6h30, I took my bicycle and went to the gym. We were maybe 5 people and it was very quiet. I ran intervalls (200m+400m+600m+800m+600m+400m+200m) after a warming up and felt kind of happy about it. I took my bicycle back home and this is when the drama happened: my breakfast wanted to see the light again… I was happy to be able to come home quick and to feel safe to feel bad at home.

I’ve been working like a dog today and then, went to buy some cheese and white wine. We have a friend passing by for dinner tomorrow, so I will make a fondue. I couldn’t find emmental, so I will try with gruyere, comté and another sort of cheese that may be like emmental, but I am not very sure. I came back home very hungry, so I ate and watched stupid programs on TV and now, I really need to put myself in a bed before I fall asleep here. And to take care of the laundry.

This was only tuesday today. 3 days left at work and my calendar is not getting thiner. I just need to breathe! … And to sleep!

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