The best in life according to me

is to sit on the back of a horse and dance. Tonight, I had the priviledge to ride (second time of the week) and it was the same horse as monday, so we needed less time to learn to know each other. To ride is like to build a relationship in which it is forbidden to talk. It takes time and you have to use your whole body to understand each other. It takes time, even if you can use some tricks sometimes to make it work faster.

The picture below is from my dear and beloved horse, that left us in 2008. This picture is actually taken the last time ever I saw her and ride her. I did not know by then, just thought she would live many more years. The relationship we had was unique, took years of everyday contacts. I think she is the living thing I’ve been spending the most hours of my life with. 14 years of my life. Without any word.

Oh, I have to stop for now, tars are filling my eyes. I’ll write some more story tomorrow, the following of part 5. Good night!


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