I woke up this morning around 5 and it was still dark outside. The fall is coming. This is a Sherlock Holmes mood outside and somehow, this is nice. I like this year seasons: they are distinct and good for something.

I wondered a lot yesterday about self confidence. About Quick fix too. And about how bad self confidence and quick fix don’t fit together. Unfortunately, it seems that people that lack self confidence love quick fix. This is my own conclusion and I’m far from being a psychologist or so, but could it be difficult for someone that doesn’t believe in herself/ himself to have the patience to make things on the long term if these things are about this same person?

Is self confidence related to the number of time someone told you he/ she loves you? Is self confidence related to the number of chances you got in your life? Or to the number of chances you were given and you choose to take?

One thing is sure: the less self confidence you have, the most you’ll have to fight to get what you want. If you’re already in peace with yourself, you’ll save energy to fight for the things that really matter to you.

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