training challenge

I hate doing this kind of things but i already reached my limit of ridiculous.

I have a very generous employer that gives us possiblity to buy training cards. I choose a gym closed to our place and took a whole year of training. Friends with benefits in other words. I just having used the benefits, meaning a free training card but I never tried to get friend with this training center. I bought the card in february. 2 400 kr. A lots of money.

So today, I decided to go there and to give it a try. I ran 3km (pretty quick to be me nowadays) and rowed 2 km in 9min 50 on the hardest level. The last part, it was only because I did not know that the level could be adapted.

And since we are staying at home a little more than one week during our vacations, I have no excuses not to go and visit the gym every day. So let’s do it! Let’s get the price of a visit at the gym go down! For now: 1 visit = 2 400kr.

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