Too much meat?

a Swedish newpapper published an article recently about how much meat a human being had to eat every week. Or at least an amount that no one should go over without extra risk for stomach and intestin cancer(s).The magical amount was 500gr a week.

I first thought “no big deal, we don’t eat that amount meat a week”.

And then I began to review the past week and there is meat everywhere! We for sure not only reach the 500gr a week, but we even crash this limit. So i decided to become an conscient consument of meat and to eat no more than 500gr meat a week. This doesn’t mean that i am becoming a vegetarian, no i love meat too much.

The last time I ate meat this week, it was monday evening. A hamburger from Mc Donalds. A reflexion: I could have choosen a better deal for the taste but within the circumstances, it was the only alternative. We were coming back from Oslo and had spent millionss of crones in eating since life is so expansive in Norway and we had like 20 minutes to get something to eat of wait 2 hours to get home to an empty fridge. The chance we would have stopped to eat a pizza on the way from the train station was huge.

Anyway. No meat since monday evening. I met a friend yeasterday for lunch and tasted some soja things, it was good but I suppose this is because it was fried. Yesterday evening, I cooked some home made gnocchis with gorgonzola.


Today, I went in to our balcony garden and picked up some dinner. We made eggs with that. Challenge “no meat” accomplished!


I don’t know what the day of tomorrow will be made of but it seems like an interesting challenge to eat more veggies. I have to reopen cookbooks and discover new things. And from time to time, we will tak
e a piece of our cow from the freezer and cook a good piece of meat. But no more junky meat eating here no more.

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