Jenny Wilson

I feel old today. For two reasons, but at the end, the result is positive.

Reason one: I am deadly tired. I think I know hey and it’s a mix of a lot of work, late evenings with different activities and probably also the blood I gave away yesterday. The lack if sleep was replaced with interesting or useful things, so that’s positive.


Reason two: we were yesterday evening at a concert from Jenny Wilson and it was organized at a student party place. We were easily ten years older than everyone in here and it was somehow difficult to be young in mind again, like to dance like a crazy and so. But we survived and actually, we should make it more often: mix ourselves with other generations, both younger and older.

The concert: very good! It was an intimate place, not so big but Jenny Wilson was wonderfully entertaining. I like very much her music and the simple apparel made it so free in a way. The fact that she is also leading a project calling the fax project, where you can write your question and opinion to the leaders of the world, is also cool. You find the website there: make a demand! I tried to write one but it is not easy actually to make a well written demand to our politicians. In this year of voting, it is good to ask ourselves what we really do want!

Have a good day!


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