EU vote is coming soon

My friend S posted a good article on her blog (in swedish) about the EU vote coming soon. I like very much the fact that she celebrates this vote with a cake btw, this is maybe a thing I will do by myself.

For be, being both french and swedish citizen, I have the choice to vote weather in “France” (read the french ambassy, which have a very good service of online voting) or in Sweden. It is obvious that I need to choose and can’t vote in both places but I am not sure of if the place I choose to vote is relevant.

The thing that I know is that everyone needs to vote. The EU vote is much more important than you can guess, in your every day life. EU rules are over most of our EU countries rules and in these dark days of missjudging and unacceptance against “the other”, is it very important to me to be united in the fact that a human being is a human being and, somehow, to avoid the extrem right groups (even if they don’t call themselves like that) to get more power. Did you know that the money the political parts get is depending on the number of votes each political part got? Look here for some statistics and remember that the European Alliance for Freedom is everything but freedom. Look who is sitting at the board and choose your freedom. My freedom is to avoid them to get more votes. Choose your freedom and vote for the EU-elections!

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